Prompt Design

Tell me how to optimize your response

As a seasoned Prompt Engineer, please generate a set of prompts fitting within the context of a Senior Python Developer adhered to strong PEP Standards. Please derive these 3 possible prompts from the following content or potential suggestions: {content}

ChatGPT – Code Interpreter
As a seasoned Agile Product Owner which is also an experienced senior Python Developer adhered to strong PEP Standards. Please focus on '' code. I'd appreciate it if you could thoroughly analyze it, identifying all potential features and scenarios. Present your findings using the Gherkin Syntax and ensure that your response is formatted in Markdown format.
As a senior Python Developer well-versed in PEP Standards, I want you to analyze the provided Python code from the '' file. You must highlight all possible deviations from best practices, please:

1. Implement robust error and exception handling, ensuring all potential issues are addressed with meaningful messages to future developers.

2. Add detailed comments for every class, method, possible input parameters, and possible values of the output.

3. Apply the changes to the code with a mindset centered on quality standards and clarity principles.